For marketers

Automate the localization process

Reduce manual localization work and release multilingual and multi-platform product versions in parallel to the development cycle.


Tarjim was created for developers, by developers. As a result, our tools, API and documentation are comprehensive and intuitive for tech-savvy teams.

Manage your SEO tags

Take control over any object or data in your workspace. Automate routine tasks. Create unique workflows.

Manage copy in real-time

Work on multiple branches of your project at the same time. Merge in any direction when ready.

Say goodbye to editing translation files

Use our CLI, API, or code repo integrations to upload your files to Tarjim.


Let localization managers and translators do their job while you focus on the development of new features.


Use the API or CLI to fetch the translated content or export directly to your cloud file storage.

Integrate Tarjim with other work tools

Automate processes, eliminate routine tasks, and track progress with ease.

Tarjim customers report


Less localization-related workload


Shorter development release cycle


Faster translation delivery


Get other team members on board

Tarjim for managers

Reduce manual work and have more time for developing new features.

Tarjim for translators

Improve your productivity and deliver high-quality translations faster.

Tarjim for designers

Reduce manual work and have more time for developing new features.