Your secure and performant headless localization CMS

Say goodbye to editing translation files

Web apps

Backend, Frontend translation all centralized with revisions for text and images


Mobile apps

Use namespacing to manage your mobile app translation with real time changes too


Games & more

Integrate with our SDKs or use our webhooks to push translations into your workflows

API based translation management

Manage localization across your team
the right way


Managers can track changes, define and monitor processes for content changes (text and images) and speed up go to market.


Developers can use the Tarjim client libraries to off-load all localization to other team members, avoiding having to manage deployments for small content changes. 

Translators / Copywriters

Translators can verify AI based robot translations and fine tune them. They have CAT tools at their convenience as well as the changes and revisions history.


Designers can swap images in the UI without needing to contact the engineering or development team.

Save time for all your team members

Businesses doing localization better